If you’re a regular reader of The Angler’s Mail you’ll already have caught up with the exciting news announced today.  John Bailey last seen playing at Celtic v Man U – The Legends, UK angler, traveler, naturalist, writer, photographer, guide, presenter and lifetime fan of Mr. Crabtree will be appearing in a new TV series created in homage to the late Bernard Venables and the legacy of Mr. Crabtree.

John will be walking ‘In the footsteps of Mr. Crabtree’, using his natural ability as a teacher and a guide to demonstrate simple fishing techniques to a new generation of anglers.  For those of us a little longer in the tooth it will be a chance to revel in some nostalgia and remind ourselves where it all began.

We start filming very soon, and there’s more exciting news to come on this subject – especially if you’re the parent of a child aged 8-14.  Watch the angling and national press for details and don’t forget to subscribe to the Mr. Crabtree goes fishing newsletter if you want to be the first to know about everything being planned.